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Monday 12th July - Friday 16th July
10:00 - 10:00pm

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Kronosaurus Korner is committed to educating and inspiring the minds of individuals who are enthusiastic about fossils. We invite you to join us in exploring the rich geo-heritage of northwest Queensland. 

Your experience begins at Kronosaurus Korner with a tour learning about the palaeogeography of Richmond and the amazing prehistoric life that existed in the local area. The tour features the most complete marine reptile known from Australia (the Richmond polycotylid) along with other marine creatures of the Early Cretaceous Eromanga Seaway – from ichthyosaurs to ammonites and even the occasional pterosaur.

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Telephone Enquiries: 4719 3390
Booking URL: http://www.kronosauruskorner.com.au/documents/432361/43625640/Dig%20Booking%20Form%202017.pdf
URL Enquiries: http://www.kronosauruskorner.com.au/csi-dig

Unlock your inner-palaeontologist and explore Australia’s ancient marine past with real field experience over five days.

A once in a lifetime opportunity. Participants will experience an authentic fossil dig with a professional palaeontologist who will teach adventurers how to find, identify, and excavate a large 100 million year old fossil. A day in the field can be as relaxed or as intense as you choose.


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