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Volunteers Volunteers

Volunteers are invited to join Kronosaurus Korner for both short and long term activities.


Volunteer programs are only offered at limited times when Curator of Palaeontology Dr Tim Holland t is available.


Volunteers have shared the experience of updating the catalogue of fossils; preparing fossils in the laboratory and  fossicking. All Volunteers receive an induction and 'on the job' training.


Pictured below is Barb Flewelling who stayed with us for 3 weeks after participating in a turtle dig, with partner Gary, during Science Week in August 2008.  Gary and Barb are now VIP Volunteers of Kronosaurus Korner, and were lucky to find a complete fish specimen on the dig - now on display in Kronosaurus Korner.


Barb is preparing the turtle - which is also on display in Kronosaurus Korner.


You too can be a volunteer by completing the Volunteer Registration Form or by contacting Kronosaurus Korner on 1300 KRONOK.

More than Volunteers! More than Volunteers!

Canadians Barb and Gary Flewelling for the past six years have been in a close knit relationship on a volunteer basis with Kronosaurus Korner, making the 16,000 km journey each year since 2008. This year arriving in Richmond on the 10th of May 2011.

While volunteering they have happily worked with Kronosaurus Korner staff, Founder Rob Ievers and Curator Paul Stumkat.
During their time with Kronosaurus Korner Barb and Gary have discovered and assisted in both the collection and under the watchful eye of Curator Paul Stumkat, the preparation of some extremely significant fossils they discovered (eg Myrtle the Turtle, Dorree the Pachyrhizodus Marathonensis, Morree the Pachyrhizodus, and ‘Big Fish' the 3m Cooyoo, now on display.
Kronosaurus Korner Founder Rob Ievers acknowledged Gary and Barbs proficiency in preparation, which would normally take many years to acquire. Rob's commendation was later reinforced by Andrew Rozenfeld the Senior Curator of Geo Sciences from Queensland Museum, Southbank Brisbane during a recent visit to Kronosaurus Korner, Andrew commented that the preparation techniques used on the specimens was of a high standard, thus ensuring visitors a world class fossil display.
Barb and Gary have participated in Television and Radio interviews including, Tim Flannery's upcoming Documentary "Two on the Great Divide". Barb and Gary continued to show their fossil enthusiasm whilst representing Kronosaurus Korner at the Tropical Museum of Queensland in Townsville during a school holiday program.
Barb and Gary have become well-known within the fossil community amongst, fossil enthusiasts, tourists and onlookers alike, watching Barb and Gary both in the field (Fossil Hunting Sites) and in Kronosaurus Korner's LAB.
Kronosaurus Korner Founder Rob Ievers said Barb and Gary have value added to the Kronosaurus Korner visitor experience by assisting with Digs, Tours, Laboratory Workshops and in the development of new displays in the Kronosaurus Korner complex.  He also said that Kronosaurus Korner is very fortunate to have volunteers like Gary and Barb who work tirelessly for the betterment of Kronosaurus Korner.
Gary and Barb have been very well received in the Richmond community and they obviously enjoy their time at Kronosaurus Korner.