Free Fossicking Sites Free Fossicking Sites

After exploring our Prehistoric World at Kronosaurus Korner, we have the ideal place for you to visit. The fossicking sites are approximately 12 km to the north of Richmond and are easily accessible to all vehicles. 


You don't require any digging tools- in fact most people don't have any equipment and still manage to make  wonderful finds. Some of the fossils that are found in the area include belemnites, fish bones and scales, inoceramus shells and shark teeth. Fossickers are reminded that you are more than welcome to bring your discoveries back to Kronosaurus Korner for identification.


For more information contact the friendly staff at Kronosaurus Korner on 1300 KRONOK.


Richmond Fossicking Sites Map (100KB)    

Richmond Fossicking Guide (390KB)

New Fossil Finds New Fossil Finds

Darwin, Neo and Gaia Anastasia

22.04.14- Fossil hunting just runs in the blood with some families, with a great example being the Komberec kids from Townsville.

Gordon Family

11.04.14 - Fossil hunting in Richmond is heating up heading towards the Easter holidays. The Gordon Family of Proserpine were happy to show that there’s still plenty of discoveries to be made – such as their articulated fossil fish vertebrae.

Daniel and Adele Cordne

11.04.14 – a little spare time is often all it takes to find fossils in Richmond. Daniel and Adele Cordner from Townsville spent around 40 minutes searching the free sites and found a brilliantly preserved shark’s tooth and a rather petite probable poo (known as a coprolite when fossilised).

Dr Tim Holland and Don McKenzie

Meet the newest member of the Kronosaurus Korner collection, the ammonite Beudanticeras. This beautiful specimen was discovered this week by Curator Tim Holland and ammonite authority Don McKenzie.

Anthony, Megan, Eric and Charlie

07.04.14 – Fossil hunting in Richmond is for everyone – from friends to families. For example, check out these fascinating fossils found by the Findlay family from Brisbane.

Noel and Bev Shield

01.04.14 - Although it was April Fool's Day, Noel and Bev Shield from Bundaberg weren't kidding when they said they'd found something special whilst fossil hunting in Richmond.

Benjamin Wemyss

20.02.14 – Check out this wonderful platter of fossils found by Benjamin Wemyss of Katherine, Northern Territory.

Tony Mills

17.02.14 - Fortune favours the brave, and that’s certainly what Tony Mills from Brisbane found during his recent trip to Richmond.

Stephan family

Whilst visiting the free fossil hunting sites on the 02.01.14, Peter, Sarah and Emily Stephan from Townsville uncovered an amazing vertebrae from the ichthyosaur Platypterygius...

Ian and Janet

Ian and Janet came for a 1 day dig with Kronosaurus Korner’s Palaeontologist Paul Stumkat.