Free Fossil Hunting Sites Free Fossil Hunting Sites

After exploring our Prehistoric World at Kronosaurus Korner, we have the ideal place for you to visit. The fossicking sites are approximately 12 km to the north of Richmond and are easily accessible to all vehicles. 


You don't require any digging tools- in fact most people don't have any equipment and still manage to make  wonderful finds. Some of the fossils that are found in the area include belemnites, fish bones and scales, inoceramus shells and shark teeth. Fossickers are reminded that you are more than welcome to bring your discoveries back to Kronosaurus Korner for identification.


For more information contact the friendly staff at Kronosaurus Korner on 1300 KRONOK.


Richmond Fossicking Sites Map (100KB)    

Richmond Fossicking Guide (390KB)

New Fossil Finds New Fossil Finds

Alex Scott

23.09.14 - You're never too old and never too young to go fossil hunting in Richmond

Reeks Family

24.08.15 - Congratulations to the Reeks family for finding the body of a Richmondichthys fish at Free Fossil Hunting Site 1

Warren Hussey

22.06.15 - Hats off to Warren Hussey for donating an incredibly well-preserved Cooyoo skull.

Karen Corkill

20.06.15 - Karen Corkill has done a terrific job both in the lab at Kronosaurus Korner but also in the field.

Ian and Izak Schoon

13.06.15 - Special thanks to Ian and Izak Schoon of Corrimal, NSW for donating three starfishes to Kronosaurus Korner.

Max Esam

06.06.15 - Congratulations to Max Esam who found a massive ichthyosaur vertebra at Digging At Dusk.

Gardner-Stephen Family

06.06.15 - Congratulations to the Gardner-Stephen family from Adelaide

Andrew Mamora

05.06.15 - Well done to Mr Andrew Mamora from Melbourne for spotting an Ichthyosaur tooth at Free Fossil Hunting Site 2! Not a bad job considering there was a fly sitting on his glasses.

Judith Mamora

22.05.15 - Judith Mamora discovers the vertebrae of a baby ichthyosaur at Richmond's Free Fossil Hunting Sites.

Phil and Teena Irwin

19.05.15 - Phil and Teena Irwin from the Gold Coast stopped into Kronosaurus Korner today!