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Education Education

Delve back 100 million years ago when Richmond was covered by an ancient inland sea with a trip to Kronosaurus Korner, Australia's premier marine fossil museum.


Students will be engaged by hundreds of amazing fossils, including the remains of the Richmond Plesiosaur – the most complete marine reptile fossils in the world, Kronosaurus ¬– an enormous predator with banana-sized teeth, Eromangasaurus – a long necked shell-eating plesiosaur, Minmi - the diminutive armoured dinosaur and Cooyoo - Australia's largest fossil fish.


Our Educational Tour of Kronosaurus Korner ranges between 1-1.5 hours in duration; starting with an informative theatre presentation, followed by a guided museum walkthrough by Kronosaurus Korner's resident palaeontologist.


Tours can be tailored to suit any year level and can cover a myriad of topics, including palaeoecology, evolution, extinction, fossilisation, fieldwork, fossil preparation and much more.


In addition to this service, Kronosaurus Korner also offers field expeditions for school groups to Richmond's infamous fossil hunting sites, approximately 12km north of town. Students will enjoy discovering previously unseen fossils and learn how palaeontologist remove them from their rocky surroundings. The Fossil Hunting Site Tour lasts between 1-2 hours in duration, but can be extended by appointment. (Please note that all schools are required to provide their own transport to and from the Fossil Hunting Site).


Catering can also be supplied for school groups by the Moonrock Café and Bakery, for more information contact (07) 47 413 541.


How long should you spend here?

- 3– 3.5 hours or longer



- Educational Tour of Kronosaurus Korner: $10 per student                            

- Fossil Hunting Site Tour: $15 per student

 - Combined Tour (Museum and Fossil Hunting): $20 per student

** 1 Teacher/Guardian is free of charge with every 10 students; any extra adults pay student entry fee)


What to bring

- Water bottle

- Sunscreen

- Wide-brimmed hat

- Covered-in shoes

- Camera


For more information about Kronosaurus Korner and the tours we offer, or to book your unique experience contact us on (07) 47 413 429 or email

Outback Education Tour Subsidy Scheme Outback Education Tour Subsidy Scheme

The Outback Education Tour Subsidy Scheme encourages Queensland schools to take Year 6 and 7 students to visit Queensland's Outback to learn about the history and heritage of our State. The scheme provides a subsidy of up to $130 + GST per student to assist financially towards their Outback school camp. Click here for more information.